The 2019 Watershed Classroom workshop focused on Species of Concern in the Bay Area, and Outdoor Activity trainings that can be incorporated into classrooms. Friends of the Petaluma River’s Watershed Classroom, in collaboration with Point Blue’s STRAW Program, provided a Professional Development workshop on Wednesday, July 31st, Thursday, August 1st, and Friday, August 2nd.

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Summer of 2018, we had a fascinating workshop Professional Development workshop for teachers in the Petaluma watershed, dedicated to climate change and environmental literacy. The two day workshop included a presentation by the wonderful Shelley Brooks, PhD who shared her expertise in the incorporation of environmental literacy into history and social science classrooms. Teachers had the opportunity to engage, collaborate, and lesson plan with workshop presenters and colleagues.

Michelle Sauceda expanded on the value of being in nature, the importance of Outdoor Education, and demonstrated some learning opportunities for classes outside. After presentations, and distribution of helpful resources, teachers had the opportunity to brainstorm and lesson plan collectively. The workshop concluded after boating on the Petaluma river.