We look forward to supporting your environmental education!


Educators interested in participating in the Watershed Classroom should complete the form below. We will work with you to develop project ideas and find ways that we can enhance your curriculum with field trips and resources. We look forward to working with you!

If you are ready to complete the lesson-plan formatted proposal, download the form below. After completing the Word document, attach it in an email to Michelle Sauceda.

Expectations of Watershed Classroom Teachers

  1. Attempt to the best of their ability to complete the curriculum outlined in their proposal.

  2. Administer WC provided pre- and post- assessments to gauge student learning.

  3. Share project photos and classroom materials with our Watershed Classroom coordinator.

  4. Send 2 or more student representatives to our annual Watershed Classroom Student Showcase.

  5. Complete a reflective end of year survey.

Additional Resources