Our 2019 Watershed Classroom Student Showcase at Ellis Hall and Auditorium

Watershed Classroom Student Showcase

Each year we invite teachers, students, parents, and community members to join us for our Watershed Classroom Student Showcase. Students lead inspirational presentations on the investigations, observations, and action that they participated in with their class. 

Each group of student stewards present for 3-5 minutes, using digital media to tell the community what they have learned in the Watershed Classroom and make their own predictions and suggestions for the future of the Petaluma River and Watershed. 

Students also present additional material during the tabling portion of the night. For 30 minutes before and after the main event guests have a chance to meet the young citizen scientists, historians, and artists of the Watershed Classroom. 

The event flyer. Please feel free to download and share with students, parents, teachers, and community members. 

Any participating students should carefully read through these before putting together their presentation.

2018 Watershed Classroom Student Showcase

McNear 4th grade students created and shared this presentation on their experience as Watershed Stewards

Casa Grande High School AP Environmental Science students shared this presentation as part of their Watershed Assessment project.

Photos from 2017 Student Showcase