Carpe Diem & Sonoma Mountain High Schools

Teachers: Jessica Dennen
Previous collaborating teacher: Shiloh Winders
Subjects: Science
Grades: 10th-12th

Collaborators: PG&E (Solar Suitcase)

Essential Question:  In what ways does land stewardship at Steamer Landing contribute to the health of the Petaluma Watershed?

Project Summary

Students will become stewards of their local watershed by learning about and caring for the centrally located Petaluma River park at Steamer Landing.  Specifically, they will work through a variety of activities that contribute to the successful establishment of native plants through planting and tending to 30 new individual trees and shrubs. In doing so, students will contribute to ongoing community efforts to celebrate and conserve the Petaluma River. Students will see the interconnectedness of the biotic and abiotic factors at the park and the implications of their plants within this ecosystem as time progresses. We hope that these efforts over time will transform the park into a thriving riparian community that all can benefit from.

Download This Curriculum:

Students presented this video discussing their Watershed Classroom project and field work, at our 2019 Student Showcase

We Share Solar Fall 2017
By Carpe Diem and Sonoma Mountain High Schools with PG&E

Steamer Landing Restoration Spring 2018
By Carpe Diem and Sonoma Mountain High School

Project Photos of Restoration in Progress