From the Classroom

The Trolley Life

This is the second post in the series from Casa Grande High School students studying the historical transformation of Petaluma and its Watershed from 1850 with teachers Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes. 

The first image is the image of how the train tracks are now, and you can tell that they need to be refurbished because they haven’t been used in many years, near the watershed. The image below is of how it will look if the the train tracks were to be used by a Trolley.

According to "Welcome to Petaluma Trolley" the trolley would run through the Waterfront Warehouse District, through the Historic Downtown and North Water Street developments, past numerous retirement facilities, to the Petaluma Premium Factory Outlets Mall, and to SMART’s two regional passenger railway stations, will enhance the utility of the trolley and make SMART more accessible to Petaluma residents, particularly the economically disadvantaged and the elderly.  

By  Jasmine Flores