From the Classroom

Water Street Trestle

"The following is a student created blog regarding the history of the Petaluma Watershed. This blog is part of a series from students at Casa Grande participating in the Watershed Classroom with educators Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes."

Water Street and the Water Street Trestle were connected by providing business access to places in Petaluma. The invention of the Water Street Trestle was due to the early investments of the McNear family company to the Petaluma River in 1902. The trestle was built to help enhance transportation of goods and supplies for local businesses or people. Water Street became known as an important part of Petaluma, with the help of the trestle. The Water Street Trestle created an economic success in the town of Petaluma. Without the Water Street Trestle being the source of transportation, Petaluma wouldn’t have been so prosperous.

By Ashley Dibert