From the Classroom

Hunt & Behrens

"The following is a student created blog regarding the history of the Petaluma Watershed. This blog is part of a series from students at Casa Grande participating in the Watershed Classroom with educators Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes."

Hunt & Behrens is one of the remaining feed mills here in Petaluma, it's also one of the most successful feed mills in California.  Hunt & Behrens started in 1921 by two men named Marvin Hunt and Carl Behren. There is a lot of history within the feed mill; being the first to run feed through the Petaluma River, and also to be the first Bulk Deliver of feeds in the North Bay. Hunt and Behrens became successful, they built an office and another mill on the edge of the river.

By Brandon Bibeau