From the Classroom

Petaluma Adobe State Park

"The following is a student created blog regarding the history of the Petaluma Watershed. This blog is part of a series from students at Casa Grande participating in the Watershed Classroom with educators Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes."

Throughout my investigation at Petaluma Adobe, I learned that Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, a Mexican American, was the founder of the Petaluma Adobe. Also, California was part of Mexico before it became part of the United States. When I visited Petaluma Adobe State Park, I realized that the park was important to Petaluma’s history and shapes Petaluma in a way people couldn't imagine. When I went to General Vallejo’s ranch I realized the ovens that they used are the same that my grandmother used. I had a great time discovering a little bit about the place where I live.

By Rubi Cruz Mendoza