From the Classroom

Butter, Eggs, and Giant Steelhead Trout

Beth Flynn and Deanna Peake's students at River Montessori Charter School made a big splash at this year's Butter and Egg Days Parade with their giant steelhead trout! After a semester exploring the question "How can we teach the people of Petaluma that the watershed requires all its living and nonliving aspects to be healthy?", students used what they had learned about our river and watershed to create their steelhead art piece along with signs and costumes for the parade.

We All Live in a Watershed

This exciting celebration was the culmination of a Watershed Classroom project called We All Live in a Watershed. This curriculum's was inspiring because of the freedom and control it gave to students. Youth in the project were divided into teams, each of which chose a different area of study in the watershed. These teams did their own research and designed class field trips around their topics. In this way, students were able to become local experts in smaller areas while still getting a broader picture of watershed health. We are honored to have had these bright young students and their dedicated teachers, Peake and Flynn, in our program this year.