From the Classroom

Watershed Classroom Student Showcase

This April we will have our annual Student Showcase, an essential component of the Watershed Classroom. The Watershed Classroom supports educators throughout the district, and we have the pleasure of watching hundreds of students as their projects develop over the course of the year. We are constantly impressed with the work being done, and so we developed the showcase as an opportunity to for students to share their incredible projects with other educators and community members.

Two or three students from each class participating in the Watershed Classroom will share a presentation explaining the scope of their projects, the work that they produced, and their impact and achievements. The presentations vary: some are slide shows of pictures taken throughout their project; others share PowerPoints; or present student made videos. It is always such a pleasure to hear what students take away from their projects, and how it has affected their attitudes of our local watershed. There is a clear sense of pride and accomplishment as students present to the audience.

It is such an inspiring event; an opportunity to learn about the many ways that environmental education can be incorporated into the curriculum. McNear Principal and formerly a teacher at Mary Collins Cherry Valley, Liza Eichert once exclaimed that it was her “favorite part of the Watershed Classroom program.”  

We look forward to watching students honor their work with presentations and inspire us with their commitment to environmental action.

The Student Showcase will be held at the Ellis Auditorium on the SRJC Petaluma campus, on April 18th at 5:00pm. For more information visit or email