Apply by January 11/19 for the Spring 2019

The application proposal is designed to help focus project ideas and the scope of your project. It is a tool to assist in your curriculum planning; to help in the consideration of field trips, assessments, and evaluate resource needs.


To apply, first download and complete the lesson-plan formatted proposal. Once completed, fill out the brief application form below and attach your completed project proposal.

For educators unfamiliar with this method of project planning, please email
We are available to work with you on the development of your proposal.

Expectations of Watershed Classroom Teachers

  1. Attempt to the best of their ability to complete the curriculum outlined in their proposal.

  2. Administer WC provided pre- and post- assessments to gauge student learning.

  3. Share project photos and classroom materials with our Watershed Classroom coordinator.

  4. Send 2 or more student representatives to our annual Watershed Classroom Student Showcase.

  5. Complete a reflective end of year survey.

your Project Proposal will include…

  1. An Essential question: A central question that focuses your project and student learning.

  2. Key learning objectives: Concrete objectives for student knowledge, understanding, and performance.

  3. At least three outdoor fieldwork activities

  4. State standards: CA Common Core, CA History and Social Science Content Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and/or CA Blueprint for Environmental Literacy

  5. Student Showcase: Students have a way to share their work with the community.

  6. A clear connection to the Petaluma Watershed

  7. An orientation: Watershed Classroom staff will visit your class to welcome students to the Watershed Classroom and discuss watershed features and facts.

Additional Resources