From the Classroom

Petaluma's Golden Eagle Shopping Center - 1885 and Today

This is the ninth post in the series from Casa Grande High School students studying the historical transformation of Petaluma and its Watershed from 1850 with teachers Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes. 

The Golden Eagle Milling Company was built in 1885 where today Grocery Outlet is located in East Washington St. By the Percival brothers and it was an important agricultural company for Petaluma. After three years, in 1888 H. T. Fairbanks bought the milling company and it spread the company to fill six acres. Then the company kept doing its business for the next couple of years. In 1965 the Golden Eagle Milling Company was demolished, and in 1974 it was rebuilt to become the the shopping center that we know now. Whenever I went to the shopping center I thought that the only historical aspect of it was that it was located near the river, but I knew that one day it was a milling company. But now whenever I go I'll remember that, the little shopping center was one day an important agricultural aspect of Petaluma.

By Mariel Montufar