From the Classroom

Petaluma's McNear Building

This is the fifth post in the series from Casa Grande High School students studying the historical transformation of Petaluma and its Watershed from 1850 with teachers Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes. 

Today I went to observe and admire the beautiful Victorian edifice constructed by John A. McNear in 1886, located in Downtown Petaluma.. The McNear Building, its well known name, possesses a delicate architectural frame, designed to house McNear’s mill and Petaluma River shipping business.. Still around today, this fascinating building has only undergone limited restoration projects; projects to solely renovate its phenomenal build and detail. Located on Petaluma Blvd.So. and Kentucky Street, its significance is continually admired and fawned over. I thoroughly enjoyed truly looking at the frame of the building and appreciating its important history. 

By Michaela Kinahan