From the Classroom

Petaluma's Early Leaders - A.P. Behrens

This is the sixth post in the series from Casa Grande High School students studying the historical transformation of Petaluma and its Watershed from 1850 with teachers Paula Biancalana and Jolene Thinnes. 

Every summer I go and enjoy the Sonoma-Marin fair while it is in town, and I was surprised when I learned that a specific section of the fairgrounds is dedicated in honor of a significant, historical figure of Petaluma: Albert (A.P.) Behrens, whose father built the Hunt/Behrens Feed Mill on the Petaluma River at Lakeville St.. It was interesting to find out this new piece of knowledge. The covered picnic and barbeque area known as Behrens Park, which thousands of fair visitors enjoy every year, is in honor of Behrens and his tremendous dedication to the town. Next time the fair is in town, I will always appreciate the impact Behrens had on the town and the tremendous help he offered.  

By Michaela Kinahan